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wow, smart girls are mean

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Gilmore Girls Fanfiction
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Welcome to gg_fic, a community for all things Gilmore Girls fanfiction!

There's a single rule that must be followed at all times: be respectful. Breaking this rule means instant banning.

You're allowed to post any sort of fanfiction related to Gilmore Girls here, including slash, real person fic, crossovers, drabbles, etc. Recommending fanfiction is also welcomed and encouraged. Every story must go under a cut. When posting or recommending a fic, include at least the following in your header:

For the sake of keeping things clean, we also ask that you keep the use of netspeak within the realm of reason and refrain from making posts with huge banners or graphics.

Useful links
Beta Readers List (sign up & look for a beta)
Tags (authors and recs in alphabetical order)
Looking For A Fic

This is it. Thank you and have fun!
- Arianna (literati555) and Deh (colourmayfade).


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