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wow, smart girls are mean
The Best of It - Part 5 (Rory/Paris) 
12th-Jul-2013 10:52 am
gg ♦ bizarro friends-ish realm
THE BEST OF IT - Gilmore Girls ; Rory/Paris ; PG-13 ; the one where Rory and Paris pretend to be girlfriends for JUSTICE!, and a documentary crew. (Previous chapters here.)

Chapter 5: Damn It, Romeo! - In which Rory has a thought-provoking chat with Lane, and then quite the night out at the (high school) theatre with her fake beloved.

You know. You were around when we first met. It’s a miracle that Paris and I even get along. We were foes. And I don’t use the word ‘foe’ lightly.”
“Of course I remember,” Lane agrees. “Like that time she was all hell bent on psyching you out over that Shakespeare test.”
“Yes! I hit a deer because of her. Basically. A sweet, innocent deer.”
“And Paris leaned down close to you and recited a love sonnet in your ear to threaten you.”
“… Don’t make it sound like that.”
“I’m literally just relaying what you said happened.”
“Oh God.” Rory shoves a deeply angst-driven forkful of pie into her mouth.
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